Preparing Your Restaurant Equipment

Running a restaurant involves the use of a variety of gadgets, electrical appliances, food processors with motors and relays, and other electrical equipment required to control humidity, preparation cycles and temperature. All this equipment, kitchen tools and commercial food preparation appliances are subject to wear and tear because of continuous usage for long hours. So if you are a restaurant owner you need to make sure that along with the promotion of your food service operation you also get your commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment regularly serviced and maintained.

Schedule the maintenance activity during low traffic hours at the restaurant. It should not interfere with regular work or hamper customer service. In addition to this you need to prepare your restaurant equipment for a service call. Before your service crew arrives you will need to do certain things so that the repair and maintenance of your restaurant gear goes off smoothly and uninterrupted:

    1. The equipment should be kept in a clean condition regularly. Do not depend on the cleaning to be done only by the service crew. You can ask them to look after the areas that are hard to reach on your own.
    1. Maintain a list of all the problem areas of your equipment and mention specifics wherever possible. This will help you explain the details to your service crew without missing out on any crucial points.
    1. The space surrounding the equipment that requires servicing should be cleared out so that the service team can easily move about and access it. Minimizing clutter helps one to focus on the job at hand.
    1. A very important point you must not neglect is to switch off or discontinue usage of all the equipment that require services at least 3 hours before the maintenance people arrive. This will allow stabilization of high temperatures before the service people begin their work.
  1. Before the technicians arrive all electricity connections and gas connections should be shut off.

So here’s how you prepare your restaurant equipment for a service call. But that’s not all. After the restaurant equipment servicing professionals complete with their work and they certify that the appliances are ready for use, you need to test run the appliances in front of them and make sure that everything is in perfect working condition. You also need to enquire if any parts need replacement or if there are safety issues concerning any of the equipment. Once all this is taken care of you are good to go!

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