Pasta Recipe Tips

Many of us are pasta lovers. It takes good tips and skill to prepare a delicious paste dish for our love ones, friends or colleagues. Here are some of the tips to enhance your pasta recipe.

When cooking pasta …..

1) Remember pasta is the main dish. Compliment it with sauce not overwhelm it.

2) Get ready before you begin. There should not be a waiting time between draining and saucing.

3) Ensure adequate water to boil pasta. Do not overcrowd them as it needs enough water around it to dilute its starch. If there too little water will result in gummy texture.

4) Add salt in the boiling water just before putting pasta to pump up the neutral taste of pasta. Salt also helps to prevent it from sticking together. Use three and a half tablespoon salt to 6 quarts of water.

5) Do not add oil to water. Some experts believe that any oil cling to the pasta will make it slippery and prevent sauce from absorbing into it. If you want to prevent it from sticking together you should stir it as soon as you drop it into the pot. Stir frequently in abundant, rapidly boiling water.

6) Suggested cooking time on the package is just a rough guide. You could test it to determine whether it is cooked enough or not.

7) Drain it just before you think it is perfectly done because pasta continues to soften in water (or in sauce) even if the heat is turned off.

8) Reserve some of the pasta cooking water. If a sauce is too thick you can use some of the hot liquid to thin it out.

9) Never rinse pasta after it is drained. The starch clinging to it is important to its taste and texture and allows the sauce to “stick” to the pasta.

10) Not all pasta is meant to be served with grated cheese. Sauces containing seafood are prepared and served without cheese.

11) Keep a grater and chunks of cheese at the table to add if appropriate (for those pasta that goes well with cheese).

12) Serve it piping hot as pasta waits for no one.